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Speaking to Andrea Horan, maven of talon hub, Tropical Popical, we hear about the force of female empowerment brewing. In 2018 she forecasts atmosphere with actionable processes. 

"To say you can feel the female energy absolutely bubbling in 2018 is an absolute understatement. I haven't been able to sleep some nights with the sheer force of it coming through whatever channels," she says.

"Especially the night of the Golden Globes. I was literally jumping around my bed fizzing with the energy and power and determination that was being emitted from the speeches (hello Oprah), the blackout, the activists."

But what's different now, she says, is that this buzz transcends individual events; this time, there's a mass appeal and a widespread involvement that was not evident before. 

"Everyone cares. Everyone is fighting for what's right and fair. It's not just the job of activists any more, as everyone has the job of an activist now. Because now we know. We know the injustices and we know how to solve them. We're speaking out and up and it's a very exciting time."

But the movement is prompting a very particular kind of pushback – and one, she believes, that is rooted in a lack of perspective.

"The rise of the 'Red Pill' ideology by people in positions of privilege terrified of what they could lose is something that's been preoccupying me a lot.

"I think we all need to remember that when there's an inequality, the balance of power is skewed and to redress that imbalance, there is a loss involved," she says. "But it's only a loss of something that should never have been theirs in the first place.

"I try to remember that it's hard to deal with that loss when it's you that's experiencing it and I think that's where we need to focus on diverting attention to – educating people why equality wins for everyone even when the first hurdle feels like an unfair jump.

"A loss of someone else's share of the power."

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