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Activist and founder of The Repeal Project, Anna Cosgrave, celebrated the 6th of January earlier this month by having, in her own words, "a big feminist gathering".

And why shouldn't she? What comes in the period leading up to Nollaig na mBan can be fraught with both predicaments and pleasantries for women. "Wealth disparity, and the multitude of ways it, puts a strain on the well-being of people at Christmas," she says.

"This leads me to think of women living in direct provision, lone parents who are living in one bedroom hotel rooms, women in refuges, who have been subject to domestic violence. It leads me to think of ALL women.

"Women in shift work, women impacted by the housing crises. We are all affected by the gender pay gap, unequal sharing of domestic roles, I could go on..."

Still, Anna sees that the culture around us changing.

"In recent months, there has been, what only be describes as a 'watershed' moment for women – in terms of abuse and discrimination being called out in the workplace.

I would like to think this year, women feel the world is beginning to shift."

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