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The end of Christmas but the beginning of a new year and possibly the beginning of a new era. As 2018 rolls around we enter into a time when a referendum is afoot for women to finally realise their medical autonomy.

Banding together

As Ireland bands increasingly closer in the pursuit of a future which is supportive of females. Men and women allow their voices to be heard, striving now more than ever for an equal Ireland.

Women's Christmas

This is apparent particularly around Nollaig na Mban or 'Woman's Christmas', which takes place on the sixth of January. Traditionally this day marks the end of the Christmas period and in line with tradition, serves as a break to women who have slaved tirelessly to ensure the holiday happened.

Reinterpreting Sean O'Riordan's poem, the day is celebrated differently now, with Irish women young and old, bound by their support of one another and their strive for equality. Talking to six Irish women, we delve a little deeper.

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