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For author and broadcaster Louise McSharry, the topic of gender equality is becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore, but still requires a surge of proactivity. 

"I believe that with each passing year we are improving in terms of gender equality generally, although there are still lots of areas that need improvement."

"I think the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein's downfall and the #metoo campaign means that it's harder to deny that there is a problem with the different experiences men and women have both as people and in the workplace, and as a result of that I feel more optimistic than usual."

She says that now, in the aftermath of these first steps, it's crucial that the role of women in society begins to develop in a more tangible way.

"This year I would like to see more women in government and leadership roles as well as in the media. I would also like to see the government tackle parental leave and childcare costs, both of which create huge problems for gender equality in the workplace."

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