CIRCE STUDIOS Rhea Candle / Iris


The Rhea candle proudly showcases voluptuous curves. Her namesake, the Greek goddess Rhea, was the mother of the titans and much-lauded for her buxom figure.

- Hand poured in Kildare, Ireland
- Made from 100% Irish rapeseed wax with an organic cotton wick
- Vegan and cruelty free 

Each candles measures 9.5cm tall. Each candle is individually hand poured,slight imperfections can occur during the production process. These little imperfections are what gives each candle a unique quality, so we hope you won't mind!

Established in 2020, Circe Studios was created from the desire to celebrate the natural beauty and sensuality of the female form, just as the ancient Greeks did.

They honour all colours, shapes and sizes of a woman's body and hope that customers see themselves represented in our candles.

Ensuring their pieces are crafted consciously is part of our Circe Studios' DNA, which is why they've tried their very best to ensure each and every step of the creation process is as sustainable as possible.

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