FLAMINGOS Ethical Sneakers Roland / Burgundy


- Polyurethane Textile. 
- Heel pad, lace toe caps made of recycled plastic bottles. 
- Organic cotton inner lining. 
- Metal eyelets without chrome. 
- Sole made with natural and recycled rubber. 
- Removable insole made of recycled plastics. 
- Made in Spain, Elche. 
- The sneakers are packaged in a recycled cardboard box. 
- Micro perforated fabric for breathability.

We recommend washing your trainers with a damp cloth and soap.

Don't wash them in the washing machine or use the dryer.


Flamingos Life are an ethical footwear brand from Spain.

Their philosophy centres around three axes: to make the fashion industry more transparent, to try and find solutions to the environmental issues generated in the last decades, and to protect the lives of animals.

Flamingos' Life shoes are made from post-consumer plastic bottle materials, plastics generated in the footwear industry that were not going to have a longer useful life, organic cotton grown with water, without pesticides, and natural rubber extracted in a sustainable way from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

For every pair of Flamingos' Life shoes you buy, you recycle 2 plastic bottles.

The brand also collaborate with Waste Free Oceans, an organization whose objective is to clean the garbage of the oceans that humans have generated and dumped during the last decades.

Connecting local fishermen, recycling companies, manufacturers and political agents, Waste Free Oceans aims to reduce, recycle and finally reuse marine waste.


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