Everything loved will last.

We know that sustainable fashion isn't cheap. We want you to love and treasure your ATRIUM pieces for a long time. Our tips below are intended as a guide to caring for, and thereby extending the lifespan of, the most loved pieces in your wardrobe.

Cleaning Your Pieces
Treating your clothes with love and care is the best way to ensure they have a long life. Sometimes, airing out your pieces on a washing line or a clothes horse is all they need to feel fresh again! It's kinder to the environment to consider whether your pieces needs to be washed, or if airing out will suffice.
When it's time to wash your piece, check out the care label first. When machine washing your garments, consider washing at 30° or even cold water! Cool water is gentler for your pieces and for the environment - delicate fabrics and bright prints are less likely to run or break down in cold water, and it uses less energy.
If the care label advises you to dry clean your piece, again, try to get as much wear as possible between cleaning! Ask your dry cleaner to avoid giving you a plastic covering or hanger when you collect your piece.
Avoid tumble drying your pieces. Instead, hang them to dry outdoors on the line or indoors on a clothes horse. Avoid hanging knitwear or delicate pieces and allow them to dry flat. Allowing your clothes to dry naturally avoids excessive energy use, and it's easier on the garment fibres too.
Wear & Tear
Minor damage isn't the end of the world. Consider repairing your pieces when they need a little extra love, rather than replacing them. At ATRIUM, we are glad to facilitate repairs (where possible) on any piece that you've bought from us over the years! Just drop into store and have a chat with us, or get in touch at hello@atriumdublin.com.
While we're on the subject - our ATRIUM designs are made in limited quantities and sizes to avoid excessive waste. If you require a size that we don't currently hold, or if your ATRIUM piece requires some alteration for the perfect fit, we'd love to help out. You can discuss the options in store or over email, at hello@atriumdublin.com.
If your garment no longer makes you as happy as it did when you first purchased it, clothes swaps are a great way to find a new home for pieces that no longer work for you. You can look online or on social media for swap shops happening in your area!
Many garments can be recycled, particularly those that are made from natural fibres. If your garment has reached the end of its useful life, and cannot be repurposed, please recycle it responsibly.
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