IBKKI Kella Vase


Materials: Glazed earthenware vase.

Made in the Djurdjura mountains, Algeria, by local craftspeople working alongside the IBKKI team.

Each vase has been glazed and fired numerous times over to give the finished effect of combined colour and depth.

One of only 14 pieces made.

Measures 11cm x 20.5cm.

We approached IBKKI over email in early 2021 after coming across their work online. Their work is heavily inspired by the rich craft tradition of Numidia, a former territory of the Berber tribe. After learning about IBKKI's design ethos and processes, we were so inspired to bring them to ATRIUM.

The backbone of IBKKI is formed by Paris-based friends Azel and Youri. Azel's parents hail from Algeria, and together with Youri, the pair travelled to the region after graduating college. Inspired by the rich culture of art that exists in the Djuradura region, and the artisans they met whilst visiting, Azel and Youri were inspired to create a brand that would honour the design heritage of the Numidian people but also challenge the typical relationship between makers and designers.

Azel and Youri spend between 5-8 months in Algeria while working on each collection - collaborating side by side in the workshop with artisans from the region. Their ethos is rooted in a deep mutual respect - in their own words, 'what we really wanted was to get as far away as possible for the hierarchy that's in place, we didn't want to just be a brand that controls artisans to make a profit but instead take part in the process and work as equals.'

Each IBKKI piece is made in limited quantities, and no design is ever reproduced post-collection. 

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